NEW IN 2017

In addition to her personalized custom design services. Andrea Lawrence Wood Interior Design introduces PRIX FIXE FURNISHING PACKAGES available for purchase online. Years of specializing in resort design inspired these Prix Fixe Furnishings Collections that include everything from fine upholstered furnishings to important art to dinnerware. Eliminate any delay getting to enjoy your new surroundings. One phone call and you’re done! You realize the height of custom services, signature award-winning design by Andrea Lawrence Wood, curated to reflect clients’ personalities and sophistication. SHOP NOW








We develop the architectural intent with inventive and purposeful finishes and materials that enhance and animate the architecture.








We develop and articulate the identity of each project and express that identity in the form of finishes, materials and furnishings.




Deer Valley, Utah





When we develop a project, we connect completely with each project's identity, vision and function.




Deer Valley, Utah





We often choose to design original furnishings for our projects using custom finishes and materials.




Denver, Colorado





Our design work is informed by our belief that clients will have a more harmonious connection with their spaces when those spaces express each clients sense of their place in the world.




Deer Valley, Utah





We have the ability to look beyond expected solutions and understand what is available in the vast world of materials and products.




Aspen, Colorado





We are well-versed in many design styles from Arts and Crafts and Native American, to Biedermeier and French Modernism. Our finished work is the culmination of thoughtful consideration and use of just the right pieces that make each space look as if it was collected over time.




Aspen, Colorado